3 hidden gems in Europe.

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Forget London, Dublin, and Rome. Those have been done. This year, visit somewhere new and exciting. Visit somewhere none of your friends or colleagues have been. Roam like you never have and learn things about Europe you didn’t know. The quaint, quiet and remote surroundings of some of the following locations may be exactly what you need on your next vacation.

So where are you going to be heading if it isn’t one of the aforementioned? Well here are a few to get you started on catching that travel bug:

1. Rothenburg, Germany

You will be traveling back in time to the medieval ages when you finally step into this city. It is as if you have been dropped in Pinocchio’s fairytale (this town was the motivation behind his village). With museums and buildings that are ridden with rich cultural context, you will surely find the history as tantalizing as the architecture and atmosphere of this amazing town.

2. Meteora, Greece

Meteora literally translates into ‘middle of the sky’, which is fitting due to its mountainous landscape. This is not a city or a town, however, rather a landmark of godly proportions (fitting be it in Greece). Meteora remains a landmark due to the 6 that remain on the monolithic pillars. If you give this landmark a quick google you will be assured that it is a necessary destination for your travels, they’ve been waiting for your arrival since the 11th century.

3. The Cinque Terre, Italy

Like I said for the last one, give it a quick google and you will be on that first flight to Italy. It remains one of the most beautifully preserved regions in the Meditteranean. Located in Northern Italy, you are guaranteed to be left speechless after witnessing the sanctity of the beautiful scenery that is guarded through city bylaws. This region is so beautiful they forbid the building of private or public property. If a city will save this view, you can definitely save up for it.

These are three of the most beautiful, historic locations that you can visit in Europe. So when you do plan your trip, make sure these are on the itinerary. However, you have to be thoroughly prepared for when you do embark on your travels. First thing first, you need to have your cell phone. Let’s face it, who carries cameras anymore? I don’t even think people have landlines anymore. If you are crossing continents or even borders, you need to make sure you can roam like back home and that is only possible with Roam Mobile. For $10 a day you can enjoy global data usage wherever, whenever. Check out their website to see how easy it is to use and start planning your getaway today!

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