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Why you need to foster creativity in your kids.

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I’ll tell you this right now, creativity is not innate. It is a skill that can be developed and honed throughout one’s life. How do you think musicians, painters, writers, engineers, teachers, creative directors and pretty much almost any job in your life improve at their work? Through practice, and constant repetition.

I’m not saying that you should work your kids into the ground, quite the opposite actually. Create an environment in which you are constantly encouraging creative growth! This involves creating spaces in your home that are conducive to creativity, like play rooms dedicated to arts and crafts!

Not only should you focus on arts or crafts, see what your kids are interested in. Maybe they are more musically inclined rather than visual. Maybe they can’t stand playing the piano but they love playing with legos, could they be future architects?

Another great tip is to promote consistent reading. Reading opens up a world of imagination through learning by reading non-fiction or creating fantasy worlds in their head with fiction books. Books are a gateway to fostering a creative mind and this should be at the forefront of the activities for your kids!

The biggest keys to remember however are that they shouldn’t be enticed by incentives or promises to be creative. The key with being creative is that it has to happen naturally. You cannot force creativity, it has to be earned through passion. It’s difficult for a young child to understand what passion is, but if they find an activity they genuinely enjoy doing you should support them. This can entail buying them new products or tools to enhance their experiences or even joining in on the activity, you might be surprised with what you learn.

If you needed another reason to foster creativity in your kids, take a look at this study conducted by Wharton. Professor Adam Grant found that kids who went on to become creative adults also had a strong moral compass. I don’t know about you but to me the epitome of a parent doing their job properly is raising morally strong members of society. These kids also grow into individuals who tend to go against the grain, they are the entrepreneurs and the one’s who change the world.

Let’s not leave all the creativity for the children however. It is never too late to foster creativity in yourself! Have you heard of Knack Snack? Knack Snack is an adult arts and crafts program designed to hone your creativity for leisure and even for the home! Check out their Facebook page to see the wide variety of classes they offer and start getting creative today!


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