We’re a Canadian social media marketing agency that uses Facebook and Instagram advertising to grow your business.


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Welcome to Fresh Crowd, where we bring a “fresh crowd” to your business. 

We’re a full-service social media agency that specializes in everything social media. From social media management to Facebook and Instagram advertising and consulting, our company has worked with large businesses all across North America. We’ve been able to make a huge impact on companies wanting to increase their client-base and becoming reputable industry experts by creating an active online presence. Your business could be next.


– Chris Valentine (The Corkhouse)

Engaging your audience with eye-catching social media content that stands out by blending in.

Growing your business faster than you can by using Facebook and Instagram Advertising.
We show you how to effectively leverage Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Our Success Stories

Our social media marketing campaigns have made a huge impact on businesses all across North America and we’re proud to have partnered with top brands like:

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In 2016, our digital marketing agency was brought to life. Our clientele grew quickly as we started working with companies specializing in various industries, from Toronto, Oakville, Hamilton, Waterloo, and Ottawa, Ontario, to all across Canada, and eventually, all across North America. We’ve always believed that in order to be a successful business, you have to have the right team of people in your corner that are true experts in their field. Our highly-trained experts are all passionate about marketing, social media, optimization, creativity, and developing lifelong relationships with clients.

There are many social media marketing companies out there, but our business was built off of three main factors: trust, dignity, and creativity. Our creative data-driven strategies have proven to really deliver desired results no matter your respective industry.


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Fresh Crowd has always demonstrated a very honest and enthusiastic relationship with us throughout their long time of managing our social media. The team has proven to bring creative ideas to the table and always be on top of social trends. I recommend them to any client with a need for a good Media Manager!”
– Ben Osmow (Osmow’s)

Social Media Management

Are you looking to improve your online presence with regularly scheduled eye-catching social media content that makes you stand out from your competition? Luckily for you, our creative team is here to help your company bring awareness to your brand and connect with more qualified leads through Facebook and Instagram. You don’t have to worry about what type of content to create or find the time to upload regular content. We do it all for you. Our striking photography and video solutions allow for the perfect strategy for growing your company’s reputation.

Facebook Advertising

Want to better understand how to effectively increase your business with Facebook and Instagram advertisements? We can thoroughly assess your social media marketing needs and goals and discuss other areas that could use improvement with the help of our services. We love meeting with clients in person and can gladly schedule a consultation over the phone (1-800-317-7890) or set a 15-minute strategy call with our ultimate digital marketer, Jay Hunt, with Calendly. Just choose a time and day that works best for you and that’s it! You’re on your way to becoming a social media guru.

High-Quality Photography & Videography Services

Branding and social media marketing are what captures viewers’ attention. Say goodbye to those low-quality, blurry, phone pictures, and hello to our professional, innovative, high-quality photography and videography services that are proven to drive more customers to your website and social media profiles. We’ll capture enough content and footage to schedule regular social media posts to promote your brand, whether you’re based in Hamilton, Toronto, or other GTA locations, give us your street address and we’ll be there!


We can help you scale your business using Facebook advertising and help you achieve faster business growth!

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We grow your business faster with Facebook & Instagram Ads.

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Leverage The Power of Facebook and Instagram Ads to Grow Your Business.
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Your Ultimate Social Media Service Providers

Social media is more competitive now than ever before. Two-thirds of all internet users have a social media profile. The way you present yourself online, whether that be through branding, web design, social media photos, and other content, is very important. You want to capture people’s attention. You want to make more sales. But you don’t understand how advertisements work because you’re not a social media expert.

That’s where we come in. We make your business stand out from the rest with the ultimate photography and videography, quality web design, optimization, and advertisements that will bring you a Fresh Crowd. We’re the social media marketing agency you’ve been waiting for. 

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