3 Instagram Tips to Increase Engagement

Instagram currently has more than 600 million monthly users which means a smorgasbord of attention for local business owners. Whether you own a restaurant or a landscape company, Instagram allows an excellent opportunity to get in front of that target audience. Time is of the essence for business owners so here are a few quick tips to help you focus your efforts in the right places to get engagement and how to save some time in the process.

Quality Over Quantity

Many marketers feel that it is to their advantage to throw up a post on Instagram every single day to stay ahead of the algorithm. However, we’ve noticed that we get better engagement results for our clients when posting a high-quality image with compelling copy once every few days.
Good things come to those who wait and if you can bear to take a few days off between posts, then the wait will surely be worth it. Save time throwing up the extra posts by spending that time thoughtfully writing the copy for an image.

Go Live

Live Stories are a top priority for the Instagram algorithm so go live if at all possible. You’ll notice Instagram live stories is the first thing you’ll see at the very top of your feed.
Not sure what to say or what to do when you go live? Make it easy for yourself by promoting that recent Instagram post that you published or encourage people to check out your feed.

Write Thoughtful Captions

Use your Instagram post captions as a way to inspire and engage your audience. Try writing captions with the goal of sparking conversations. The more time people spend reading your post or comments on your post, the better for the algorithm.

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