3 Ways to Present Yourself on Social Media Through Video

By now, you must know the importance and impact that video has on society. More and more of the content that people are consuming on a daily basis is in video format and it’s not going to shift anytime soon. We’ve come a long way since the telegraph era, but if history is to show us one thing it’s that the way we communicate, and prefer to be communicated to, will continue to evolve overtime.

The great part about video content is that we’re able to connect with the other person, or brand on a much deeper level than if through a radio or poster. Roughly 90% of people today prefer to engage with brands through video content. The number one problem that most of these brands face, however, is actually creating the video. It’s hard enough for some people to get in front of a camera for a photo, let alone a video where they actually have to speak and engage an audience. With that being said, we’re making it more complicated than it really needs to be. 15 seconds. 30 seconds. 1 minute. That’s all it needs to be to connect in a meaningful, personal way with your audience. And you know what, that’s all our attention spans can handle nowadays, anyway!

My experience creating and engaging with people through video is still very new, but has been an exciting journey so far. I’m nervous every time I step in front of the camera, but everyday I’m working towards getting more comfortable being on film. This has a spillover effect into the way you communicate and feel in other aspects of your life, whether in an interview, or giving a presentation.

Here are 3 easy ways you can start communicating today through video:

  1. Keep it simple. Your audience has a short attention span. Allow your audience to grasp what it is you’re trying to get across. Quick and simple!
  2. Engage your audience. Asking questions, or creating a point of tension. Kind of like I did in a recent video that inspired this article, by stating that all brands face one major challenge when creating video. Cue the pause…
  3. Show the unseen. Most people get caught up on what to film. Some of you may not have businesses to discuss, and to that I say document at least one aspect of your day. ‘But my life isn’t interesting!’ False. We all live different lives, and are interested in other people’s lives for that reason. Why do we all love reality TV so much?

Don’t be the only business or person out there that isn’t connecting with their audience on social media through video. Message me today for more ideas!

David Louch, Fresh Crowd COO (@davidlouch)

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