Dental Social Media Marketing Tips

If you’re opening a new dental practice, gaining business attention can be rather difficult even if you do have a website that’s visually appealing or you’re offering discount teeth cleaning for students. This simply isn’t enough to drive sales. We live in a world where social media is taking over and in order for your dental clinic to grow their patient base or reach your business goals, you’re going to want to create social media profiles for a few different reasons.

Here are five reasons dental social media marketing is important and why you need to get on that bandwagon today!

1. Facebook Is The Largest Social Media Platform In The World

This isn’t surprising. Since its release into the world in 2004, everyone wanted a taste of Facebook so they could share content with friends and family. Now, of the 2.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook, there are approximately just over 60 million business profiles in various industries connecting with their customers and patients on a different level. Of all those billions of users, the majority are signing into the platform multiple times a day to check their feed, see what’s trending,  to contact a business with an inquiry, or even leave a review. Advertising impressions are increasing every single year, especially for mobile users watching videos – according to Omnicore, eight billion videos are watched daily on Facebook.

So, the fact of the matter is, if your potential patients are on Facebook, why aren’t you?

If you’re opening up a new dental practice and want to create ads and target a specific audience, you do exactly that on Facebook! You can target people by their age, gender, occupation, spending habits, but more important for dental practices, location. Potential patients will be likely to contact you if they know you’re close by and you can utilize that fact to your advantage by targeting them with your ads announcing you’re currently accepting new patients. You’ve probably heard others say “Facebook doesn’t work”, but that’s simply not true. If you’re finding it’s not working for you, there could be a few reasons why and they’re all simple fixes:

When you have a social media profile, it’s easy to lose followers if you’re not capturing their attention within seconds. First impressions truly matter so it’s important that you’re providing enough valuable information about your services, your content is visually appealing and professional, and you’re adding certain keywords that people may be searching for. If you’re not sure how to fix these issues, it’s best to work with a marketing company that strictly specializes in marketing for dentists. They know precisely what people are searching for and can help shoot professional photos and videos to upload regularly for you.

Ultimately, Facebook will only work as a lead generation platform for your new dental practice if your marketing strategy is done properly.

2. Your Promotions Will Actually Be Seen

Even if you’re not a new dental clinic but you want others to learn more about special promotions you’re running like same-day crown or bridge restorations”, discount cleaning for students, or maybe a one-time free teeth whitening service when you sign up today, it can be hard to get those ads in front of people. But not on social media. As mentioned above, specific targeting on platforms like Facebook and Instagram (since Facebook owns it) is relatively easy, which makes it even easier come retargeting time. Dental marketers and even digital marketing experts in general will tell you time and time again, organic reach is pretty much dead and “boosting” your content won’t work either. 

So, what do you do?

When you create a promotion in Faceook Ads Manager, you have a much better result of your promotion being put in front of the right people. It’s also a more cost-effective marketing strategy compared to traditional dental patient marketing tactics like commercials or mailing programs.

3. Prepare To See An Increase In Web Traffic

Does having a social media profile really increase web traffic?

Absolutely! And here’s why.

You can not only put your website’s URL on your profile, but you can utilize the power of Google with a successful ad campaign. When new patients search for particular keywords in Google (rather than just the title of your practice),  they’ll be directed to your ad campaign that includes those keywords in the headline. You’ll be surprised how effective inputting keywords in your content is. Keywords should be placed in your profile, regularly posted content, blog articles, your landing page, and other web pages in order to get new patients’ attention.

But better yet, there’s an option to add a call to action (CTA) button to your Facebook’s business profile. You’ve likely seen many of them before – they can come in many forms like “buy now” or “shop now”, but for dental practices, they could say something like “contact us” or “book an appointment”. Once interacted with, it will take the patient to the page you intended to fill out an online appointment form or give you a call.

4. Increases Patient Loyalty & Satisfaction

What’s the most important part of running a dental practice?

Your patient satisfaction level!

Not only can you satisfy their needs in your office, but social media is a great platform to increase patient confidence and loyalty before they even come in for their first appointment. 

When you work with a dentist marketing company who is building a social media campaign for you, they’re likely going to assign you a social media manager. This person will be in charge of posting regular content for you. Posting regularly can help patients discover your brand as your online presence begins increasing. Once your brand is discovered, they may want to reach out to you which is where messenger marketing can come into play. Hiring someone to answer social media inquiries is a great way to increase customer service experience, especially if they have a question about one of your services outside of office hours. By having a chatbot or dedicated social media manager, their question can be answered right away and they’ll feel valued as a patient knowing you’re always readily available to answer anything. They’ll also appreciate it if you answer questions in post comments.

Building your credibility is one of the best ways to get new patients in the door.

5. Grow Your Network With LinkedIn

Not many people see LinkedIn as a powerful platform. True, there are more popular social media platforms, but LinkedIn is still a great way to market your dental practice. As of 2020, there are more than 260 million monthly active users on the platform and nearly half sign in on a daily basis to search for content, connect with other business owners, recruit employees, or gather recommendations.

There are tons of other healthcare practitioners so it’s easier to communicate with your connections or have them leave positive feedback on your profile. You also have the flexibility to optimize your profile and share valuable content like blog posts or videos to engage with your connections more. It also holds a different demographic than other social media platforms so you have the potential to reach a completely different audience.

Social Media Marketing For Dentists

We live in a world where everything can be found on social media and, chances are, all your patients are on social, so why aren’t you? If you’re opening up a new dental practice or just want to grow your already existing practice, running an effective social media campaign will help you reach your goals. These are the top five reasons you need to consider hiring dental social media marketing experts so your practice will see the success it deserves.

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