How Effective Is Facebook Marketing?

Many business owners find themselves searching for ways to increase their clientele but aren’t sure where to start. Sure, you’ve heard of Facebook advertising, but how effective is it? How can your Facebook ads reach such a wide audience you have yet to connect with?

Well, we’re here to tell you that Facebook marketing is 100% effective if done properly. Stop wasting money on ineffective marketing tactics that aren’t delivering results. Facebook is the largest growing social media app in the world, so with an effective Facebook marketing strategy, you’re bound to see the benefits the ever-growing platform has to offer, and here are eight main reasons why.

1 - Fastest Growing Platform In The World

It’s no surprise that Facebook has grown rapidly since first being introduced to the world in 2004. Not only is it a free platform to sign up for, but it’s a way to stay in touch with relatives that live far away, reconnect with high school friends you haven’t spoken to in years, and for businesses to gain followers (and potential customers) and promote their brand and services on a different platform than just a website. Just three years after releasing the platform, Facebook announced in 2007 they were launching a Facebook Ads system. The ads can appear within a user’s feed as sponsored content or in the space along the left side of the site and drastically improve communication and loyalty between business owners and their customers. Here are just a few surprising and interesting Facebook statistics marketers and business owners can use to their advantage:

fast growing facebook

2 - Facebook Campaigns Target Custom Audiences

The main thing marketers appreciate about advertising on Facebook is the ability to target such a custom audience. Facebook demographics have definitely changed over the years, but the number of monthly active users is still at an all-time high. With a monthly active user count at 2.45 billion, your chances of reaching a large number of viewers are incredibly high, but depending on your products and services, you’ll want to target a certain audience to increase your conversion rates. There are virtually hundreds of ways to target certain people. When creating an ad campaign, marketers have the ability to check off relevant behaviours, interests, traits, and more. This can include things like:

If you already have a dedicated custom audience, you can mirror all the traits listed above and target “lookalike audiences”. This campaign will target audiences that are likely to engage with you and purchase your product or services since they have the same interests and behaviours as your recurring customers. These rules also apply to Instagram since it’s owned by Facebook which makes for an even greater advertising performance and potentially even higher conversion rates.

Facebook Marketing

3 - Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Before diving into a Facebook ads campaign, you’re probably wondering, how much is going to cost? Though each advertising campaign will differ per case, it’s actually quite affordable! There are a few factors that will determine the cost such as your objective, your audience, your goals, your daily healthy budget, etc., but the average costs per click (CPC) are generally 0.50 and up. The average cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) is approximately $7.19. Traditional forms of advertising are much more costly like advertising on billboards, radio ads or television commercials. Stop wasting your precious dollars and getting frustrated. Opt for a more cost-effective marketing method like advertising on Facebook where you can ensure your ads get seen by the right people. You also have a lot of room to pretty much personalize your ad budget and have the option to increase it over time, or even decrease it with the more success you see.

4 - Your Competitors Are On Facebook. Why Aren't You?

We’re going to be honest with you here. Your competition is on Facebook and they’re likely using Facebook Ads as a way to generate more sales and stay ahead of you. So, why aren’t you doing the same thing? The bottom line is, in order to get ahead of your competitors and raise brand awareness is by using the same advertising strategy as they are. 76% of Facebook users are looking for content. This percentage has risen by 57% since just 2014. Your new wave of customers is searching for a service like yours so it’s critical you promote your services in a different light. Take advantage of a marketing team and utilize their creative skills, their photographers, designers, and content writers. Social media advertising services is one of the best ways to ensure your Facebook ads look their absolute best. They know precisely which images are bound to perform, how to help you create an effective campaign objective, and can shoot professional eye-catching video content. Facebook is one of the best to gain video views, particularly with the Facebook Stories feature. There are also different types of ad formats marketing agencies can use to get people’s attention (carousel ads, single image ads, etc.). They have the tools and skills necessary to put your products in the best light possible so you get ahead of your competition.

5 - Increase Website Traffic

Organic website visitors are hard to come by without utilizing any form of advertisement. But one of the best ways to increase your web traffic is by linking it through your Facebook profile or Facebook advertisements. So, when a user clicks on your ad, it will direct them to your website to purchase the product or service, or browse around for more! Other means of driving traffic to your website through Facebook include:

  • Consistent & fresh blog posts – By sharing blog posts regularly on Facebook that are originally posted on your website, this can help lead people to your website more and also have the option of “sharing” the blog post on their profile so their friends and family can see it too. Google also favours consistent blog posters which will help with your search engine rankings.
  • Use photos too – Posts or advertisements that include a visually appealing photo can drastically increase customer engagement.
  • Creative text is crucial – But what goes along with a great photo? Great content of course! Facebook advertising is a proven, effective method of raising brand awareness and improved conversion rates, but you aren’t likely to see these impressive results without creative text that resonates with your customers. People like compelling, informative, and (sometimes) humorous context.
  • Keep your website updated – From creative and modern website design to optimized landing pages, blog content, and easy-to-use website features, you’re not going to generate more sales if your website is outdated. Yes, advertising on Facebook requires a creative mind (in your imagery and text), but so does having an eye-catching, recent, and easy-to-navigate website. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, again, a digital marketing team can help you. A new website design is inexpensive and a great way to improve your online presence and improve conversions.
  • Include a CTA button – One of the best features Facebook came out with is the Call to Action button (CTA). Now when people are on your page, they can click the CTA button at the top of your business profile and select options like “Contact Us”, “Book Now”, “Sign Up”, etc. Once they click on it, they’ll be directed to a destination off Facebook.

6 - Increases Your Marketing ROI

Effective Facebook ads have the potential to get you the highest return on investments (ROI). When done right, like leveraging the professional opinion of social media marketing experts, you’ll never see a low ROI again. It ultimately comes down to how well you personalize your target audience. Finding out what their spending habits are like, what their gender and age are, their locations, their interests, are all important factors to consider so your ad is seen by the right people who are likely to become potential customers. Ad types and the amount of creativity put into them are also bound to bring you more success. There’s no doubt about it – people are more attracted and more inspired, by creative efforts whether that be through video, imagery, or text. The more visually appealing something is, the more likely people are going to click on it, and the more positive the text is, the more likely customers will resonate with it as opposed to neutral or negative wording. Be careful with your words. Even though you’re trying not to be negative, your wording could be taken out of context. You’re also likely to see an increase in your ROI the more people share your ad. By consistently monitoring your efforts with Facebook analytics, you can easily identify what methods are working and where there’s room for improvement.

7 - Advertising With Facebook More Valid Than Organic

A lot of small businesses first getting into Facebook advertising don’t understand the difference between organic vs. paid Facebook marketing. That’s okay! It can often be a confusing subject, but the question always remains the same: Which method will reach more users? Well, organic posting means you’re just posting for free like you would on your personal Facebook profile. Though it may not be reaching many people (besides your followers), you’re still improving your online presence which is just as important! But, you may notice your organic reach start to drop over time. Organic search is competitive, especially since Facebook is the fastest growing social media app in the world. The more it grows, the harder it becomes to reach a wider audience unless you’re specifically targeting a personalized audience. Facebook’s algorithms are constantly changing, so it’s only going to provide its users with relevant content.

When you’re advertising, you’re paying for the content and allowing your brand to be seen by more Facebook users that aren’t just your followers. Your paid campaign and social media strategy can be completely personalized, therefore, a larger target audience who are likely to purchase your product or services can be reached. And again, your ad budget can be personalized as well. You can increase or decrease your Facebook advertising budget whenever you’d like. The typical advertisements costs can start at as little as 0.50 and up.

8 - Facebook Is Easily Accessible

Facebook can be reached on multiple platforms, including mobile. Think about it. When you sign onto your personal social media profile, are you using a desktop or mobile device? Would you be surprised if we told you that 50% of all internet users are mobile users? Almost 85% of Facebook profilers sign in from a mobile device. Thanks to Facebook’s different ad formats, businesses have the option to improve their marketing strategy efforts with mobile and desktop-friendly advertisements. Now you don’t have to worry about the quality of your images or videos changing across various platforms. Does this mean you need to completely get rid of your desktop-only ads? No, especially if they’re still providing a certain level of value. But seeing as most of your customers are on their mobile device, you’ll want to think about getting the most out of your Facebook advertising budget with mobile-friendly ads. You can download the Ads Manager App for iOS (iPhones and iPads) or Androids to create, post, and manage your Facebook marketing efforts.

How long does it take for Facebook Ads to be reviewed?

Once your Facebook ads are created and sent it to be reviewed, it may take anywhere from five to ten minutes to two days for them to be reviewed. There is a long list of policies and regulations (that are updated regularly) that you must follow in order for your ad to be approved. Too many rejected ads can raise a red flag on your account making it harder to continue your Facebook advertising campaign. The best way to avoid red flags is by working with social media marketing agencies that know precisely what approach to take.

Start Your Facebook Advertising Campaign Today

Whether you’re a new or experienced business owner, you have one thing in common: you have certain business goals you want to reach. One of the best ways you’re going to achieve those goals is by creating a personalized Facebook marketing campaign. This can either be done alone or with the help of a digital marketing team who know how to use Facebook as the ultimate lead generation platform. Facebook is the ultimate marketing machine in this day and age. With almost 2.5 billion monthly active users, your Facebook ads have the opportunity to reach a large targeted audience you’ve been waiting for.

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