How To Grow Your Instagram Audience

Ten years ago, if you asked a kid what they wanted to be when they grew up, the option of “Influencer” or “Creator” was not an option. However, with social media content creation surging in popularity, these are now plausible and sustainable career choices for younglings to pursue, specifically on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Becoming a Content Creator or running a successful business on Instagram starts with growing your audience. You want people to know who you are and become interested enough to follow you.

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10 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Account

Growing your Instagram profile doesn’t have to be hard. To get you started, here are 10 things to keep in mind if you want to gain followers and grow your platform:

1. Switch To A Business Instagram Profile

One of the first and most important steps when growing your Instagram account is to switch from a personal or private account to a business profile. This can be done by going into the settings of your Instagram profile and clicking on the option “Switch to Professional Account.”

Not only will this switch make your account look more put together and professional, but it also brings new features with it. For one, you can now choose an occupation or title to put in your Instagram bio. This can help your followers know who you are or what you do. Also, a business account brings with it audience insight and statistics.

Want to see how many people clicked on the link in your bio? Do you want to see the demographic insights of your current audience? Do you want to know which of your posts has been performing well? All of these statistics and more come with a business account on Instagram.

2. Find A Target Audience

Finding a target audience is important in any sort of business venture, but it’s especially vital when it comes to gaining more followers on Instagram. Growing your follower count on any social media platform involves targeting specific users in a specific market. Targeting a specific group of people can allow you to grow your audience (and fast) because you will be focused on creating content for them.

For example, if you have a small art business that you run on Instagram, you will want to target people who are into supporting local and small artists, as well as people that are into your style of art. If you are a lifestyle influencer, you won’t necessarily want to target people who are into stocks and finances. Think about the demographic and interests of an ideal audience and target them. Doing so will likely lead to more engagement and Instagram growth.

Settle on a large and targeted audience and then you can create content that suits their interests.

plan for finding and engaging a target Instagram audience

3. Create A Content Theme

Choosing a content theme comes directly with choosing an audience to target with your social media. While an aesthetic Instagram feed isn’t everything, it can make your profile look more professional and pleasing to the eye. New followers will likely look at your profile and see if they are interested in the theme of your posts. Choosing a colour scheme, specific layout pattern, or editing style can be a few ways that you can create an Instagram content theme.

While it may seem trivial, the colour palette and look of your Instagram posts can help you gain more followers. The aesthetic will also match well with your brand identity. If you own a light, breezy makeup company, you likely won’t use harsh colours for your Instagram content.

Your Instagram feed’s theme should align with your target audience. What you are posting can help you determine what the aesthetic and feel of your profile will be. This is an important part of any Instagram strategy and can create a more engaged audience.

Instagram colour palette them

4. Post Content Consistently

If you get Instagram users to check out your profile but you haven’t posted in a while, you might miss out on potential followers. When you post consistently on Instagram, you are showing your followers that you are active. People like it when accounts post relevant and regular content that interests them.

One way to ensure that you post regularly is to schedule Instagram posts. While you can’t schedule posts directly through the Instagram app, there are several applications and programs that you can use to do this. Scheduling software can help you when managing and growing an Instagram account. It allows you to create several pieces of content at one time and schedule them for different days instead of constantly remembering to upload your posts every single day.

These Instagram scheduling tools can also help you optimize the time that you make these posts. It’s no secret that there are specific times where Instagram followers are more active. While this varies from account to account, it’s smart to use Instagram insights to determine the best time to post.

5. Use Hashtags & Keywords Effectively

Like every other marketing strategy, keywords and search engine optimization are background aspects that have an important effect on the success of your campaign. This also translates to growing your following on Instagram. If you want to get more Instagram followers, you will want to make effective use of hashtags and keywords.

Hashtags act like keywords that users can look up in the Instagram search bar. Using trending and relevant hashtags on your posts can help your profile gain more traction from other Instagram accounts and grow in followers.

If you run a small business on Instagram, you might find relevant hashtags and branded hashtag groups that have to do with the product or service you’re offering or hashtags that have to do with running a business. You will also want to think back to your target market that you have focused on and choose Instagram hashtags that the audience is likely to search for. Appropriate hashtags can boost your follower growth and user engagement dramatically. You may also try out branded hashtags so that your followers can get a sense of who you are and what your brand image is.

Another way to use keywords is in your Instagram bio and Instagram captions. Your bio is how other users get to know who you are at a quick glance. Using keywords relevant to your industry or audience can help you reach other accounts and increase Instagram followers. For example, if you are a travel blogger, you might use something like “world traveller and author” in your bio. Be creative, but also think about reaching your audience by using relevant keywords.

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6. Interact With Other Instagram Users

Building a brand community is vital for creating a relationship with your customers or followers. This same principle applies to your social network on Instagram. If you view your audience as real followers and real people, you will understand that interacting and engaging with their posts is almost as important as them interacting with yours.

One way you can gain more followers and build a community is to engage with posts on the Instagram explore page. Your explore page follows a very similar Instagram algorithm to your home feed. Instagram sees the types of posts you like and engage with and gives you more. Interacting with these posts can help you gain more followers and meet potential collaborators.
Another way to interact with other users is to use your hashtags. Clicking on one of the hashtags that you used on your own Instagram post will take you to a collection of other posts and accounts that used the same one. This can help you find people with the same goals or in the same niche as you.

7. Utilize All of Instagram’s Components

The Instagram application offers a variety of different features that users should take advantage of when creating content for their followers. Besides posting regular photos and carousel posts on the app, you can also share Instagram Stories, Reels, and long-form content known as Instagram TV (IGTV). For business owners, you can also link your shop to your Instagram account which allows users to click on a product and be taken directly to that item on your website.

Instagram Reels are a fairly new addition to the app and allow users to create TikTok style videos. An Instagram Story is similar to Snapchat’s story feature that lets users post content on their accounts for 24 hours. When you post a story, you can also add a link to a blog post, website, product, or other links for your users to click. One other feature that users can use is Instagram live which enables users to go “live” on their account for their Instagram followers. While Instagram live isn’t as popular of a feature, it can still be a great way to interact with your audience.

Finally, it’s also very important to utilize Instagram analytics that comes with a business account on Instagram. Understanding who your audience is, what works, and what doesn’t enables you to create content that is successful and boosts your following. These insights will also help you determine which features you should focus on. If you aren’t getting a lot of engagement with your IGTV, you might try more Instagram Reels. If your stories are bringing in more website clicks, you might focus on those more than other features. Every account and business is different. It’s important to analyze the statistics and move forward from there.

Instagram features used to gain more followers

8. Create Shareable Content

Another way to gain followers is to create content that other users want to share. Infographics, interesting designs, and humourous content and all things that followers love to share with their own audience.

If you create videos and posts that other people share, you are reaching a broader audience that you might not have targeted before. For example, if you create a design that a follower shares on their Instagram story, all of their followers are seeing it. This means that their followers could go to your account and end up following you as well.

Shareable content also increases your chance of showing up on the explore page where you can be discovered by even more users. Content that is engaging and worth spreading around is perfect for growing your profile. This is a great Instagram marketing strategy to help you gain followers and increase your Instagram engagement.

9. Partner With Other Accounts Or Sponsors

Growing your account doesn’t just mean gaining followers. It can also mean partnering with other accounts and making some money.

While working with other businesses might not be the norm in traditional business interactions, partnering is extremely popular and beneficial on social media sites like Instagram. Partnered and sponsored posts allow businesses and brands to work with each other and reach a wider audience.

Partnering allows you to work with other Instagram influencers or small businesses and share your profile with their followers. This means you will show up on their followers’ feeds and increase brand awareness with a different audience.

When you begin growing your Instagram account, you will likely have other brands and businesses reach out to you about sponsorships. These deals involve sharing Instagram posts and stories about a product or service on your account in exchange for products and monetary compensation. As you grow your account even more, bigger brands can reach out to you. These sponsorships can not only be a great way to make some extra cash but can also help you gain new followers on Instagram.

plan for sponsorships on Instagram

10. Run An Instagram Contest Or Giveaway

One last way you can gain more Instagram followers is to run contests and giveaways. Not only are these great ways to show your audience that you appreciate them but they can also help you gain followers on Instagram.

social media contest or giveaway campaign allows you to offer a prize to followers who like and share your content. For example, if you are giving away a prize, you can have an Instagram user enter the contest by sharing your account on their Instagram stories. This can bring in followers from their profile and help your account grow.

Giveaways and contests allow for a lot of freedom and creativity. You will want to offer a prize that is worth entering and will encourage people to check out your profile. If you’re a business, giving away your product can also introduce your business to followers who haven’t tried out your products for themselves. If you’re more of an Instagram influencer, partnering with other brands can give you prizes for giveaways and can help you get more followers on Instagram.

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