Keep Your Doors Open by Keeping an Open Mind about Social Media

We’re in an age where it’s difficult to keep a company in business. As soon as the doors open for the
first time, the big question is “I wonder how long they’ll last”. Old school advertising via billboards,
newspaper, radio and TV ads are being seldom used and it’s hard to ignore how much of an impact
social media has made on society when it comes to brand loyalty and sales. No matter where you go,
you will be hard pressed not to find someone head down on their phone tweeting, Instagramming or
posting to Facebook. With these social media outlets consuming a large amount of our daily life,
businesses would be crazy not to take advantage of their services to be seen by millions of users.

You need to make a name for your company through different social media channels as many users will
rely on a brand’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts to make a purchase decision. This is the digital
brand awareness that is necessary in order to drive your sales and increase your consumer count. How
can this be done successfully, you ask? Well, it’s a commitment, but what seems like a daunting task can
be done through strategy and dedication to building your brand.

The social happy users, AKA influencers, are the people you want to get to first. These are the
individuals you want talking about your brand and showing it off on their accounts. They have an
extensive following throughout several social platforms, so when they post on social media their whole
audience sees it, which means more eyes on your business and new potential buyers.

With the help of Snapchat and Instagram stories, how-to videos will be your new best friend when it
comes to boosting your sales. This will give your audience the information they need to understand and
use your products and will develop your brand as a reliable industry source. Whether they need your
product now or later, it will give them an inside look at the company and by creating a conversation
around your brand, the influencers you are connected with will advocate for it and it will eventually lead
to the brand becoming an influencer itself.

It also never hurts to let social media do a little market research for your brand. Snapchats involving
polls and questions or asking for comments or insight on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts
encourage your audience to speak their views and gives them a sneak peek into what’s happening with
the business. You can get opinions from your community and this collaborative approach will make
them connected to you.

Don’t fight the need to have your company step into the world of social media. It’s a powerful tool that
can help companies grow, develop and flourish. It gives you the opportunity to connect with the world
and with so many eyes on social media every day, it’s the best way to keep your doors open.

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