Top Things to Do in Burlington

Burlington is a beautiful city, there is no doubt about it. The question remains, however, what makes Burlington the city it is? Home to a diverse culture, beautiful scenery, and an amazing up and coming entrepreneur scene with individuals yearning to make a name for themselves.

Yes, that is Burlington, in all its glory. But what is there to do in Burlington? From enjoying a relaxing day to letting loose of all of your inhibitions, there are many options that will help you find the perfect fit for your Monday, Tuesday, heck, any night of the week.

Burlington Waterfront Trail

First and foremost, it wouldn’t be a beautiful summer day if you didn’t take a walk along the Waterfront. As scenic as it is cute, it’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of Burlington’s entrepreneurial core. Whether you’re taking a break from the office, or enjoying the walk with your significant other, the breeze, water and amazing atmosphere will offer a temporary escape without the airfare.

Mapleview Mall
Treat yourself. What better way to celebrate a long week than with some necessary retail therapy? It doesn’t even have to be at the end of the long week, get over the hump on Wednesday with a trip to Mapleview on splurge on the latest Apple product, or find some deals at the GAP. If you’re looking to get really crazy, they even have an Aritzia, so if you’re willing to spend $90 on a scarf for yourself or your significant other today could very well be the day.

Art Gallery of Burlington
Immerse yourself in the culture that Burlington provides with the AGB. The Art Gallery of Burlington offers not only exhibits but classes all spring long. With constant events occurring you can truly engage in the creative culture that is the AGB.

Max Resto Lounge
You always have to save the best for last. If you haven’t heard about this gem yet I apologize for the nights you spent doing anything else. Max Resto Lounge is sexy and sophisticated, as well as sultry and sleek. It is an innovate, ever-evolving lounge that sweats the small stuff. Using the freshest ingredients from local farmers and artisanal producers, Max Resto Lounge understands that business booms when you keep it local.

Burlington is a hot spot for many different outings. Whether you’re in the mood for culture, scenery or a romantic night on the town, Burlington can cater to every single one of those needs. Why not take a sick day tomorrow and enjoy all of these outings in one day? Even Ferris Bueller took a day off every once in a while.

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